Listen up!

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“You cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time.” —M. Scott Peck How many times a day do we “listen” while doing other tasks? How many times do we check our phones while sharing dinner with friends or family? How many times do we look at our computer screen while on a call? Is listening …

You’re Not Hired: Interview fiasco stories

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  In my line of work, I hear plenty of interview nightmare stories. It comes with the career-coaching territory. Sometimes a real doozy will surface out of nowhere. Other times, I seek out these stories during workshops and one-on-ones. It’s not about churning up embarrassment or dwelling on failure. It’s about dissecting these defining moments—and learning from them. That’s why …

“I was skeptical of career coaching in general because I thought I had my career figured out. I was shocked at how much I learned about myself, my teams, and how people interact. Judy helped me see results when I wasn’t even sure what results I was looking for. I highly recommend taking an hour a week to get a knowledgeable outsider’s view of your world. Judy’s experience and ideas are invaluable.”

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– Mark Williams, Director Luxoft