ThinkWell® can help your team become:


• more focused, present and engaged • more energized about taking on new challenges • more motivated, proactive and committed • more capable of contributing at a leadership level • better collaborators • more expansive thinkers

“I was skeptical of career coaching in general because I thought I had my career figured out. I was shocked at how much I learned about myself, my teams, and how people interact. Judy helped me see results when I wasn’t even sure what results I was looking for. I highly recommend taking an hour a week to get a knowledgeable outsider’s view of your world. Judy’s experience and ideas are invaluable.”

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– Mark Williams, Director Luxoft



When you offer employees time to focus on what’s keeping them from giving their best, how to enhance personal strengths and neutralize weaknesses, and improve their resiliency and decision-making abilities, employees become more energized about taking on new challenges and more capable of contributing at a leadership level. When you demonstrate your investment in them and their potential you’re providing …

Who’s Your Daddy?

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Today a Baby Boomer client asked me if it would be considered poor management to use parenting skills with their Millennial employees? Ok, so I’m guessing that some who are reading this are thinking “NO! That’s unprofessional, ridiculous, and would not fly where I work. Never in a million years would I treat anyone on my team as I do …